Monday, September 13, 2021

Learn How Innovative Mortgage Pro Timothy Griggs Looks To Boost Black Wealth With His Innovative Credit App

Mortgage Pro Timothy Griggs Is Banking On His Innovative App To Help Reverse The Foreboding Forecast Of Zero Wealth In the Black Community.

Black Median Wealth By 2053 Is predicted to be zero.  A Black Enterprise, article stated "You can have a glamorous six-figure salary, advanced degrees, and an executive title at a large corporation and still be impacted by the negative net worth virus that is prevalent in black communities. According to The Road to Zero Wealth report published by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies, the median wealth of black Americans will fall to zero by 2053 if current trends continue."

However, a sharp decline towards a median Black net worth of zero won't happen on mortgage pro and tech innovator Timothy Griggs' watch.  If Griggs has his way, despite gloom and doom predictions of disappearing Black wealth, his new technically advanced The Good Steward Financial System (TGS), app will help reverse the course of poverty in Black communities.

Timothy Griggs is a real estate mogul and the CEO and founder of The Good Steward Financial System - TGS App.  Griggs is nationally releasing the latest version of his app this week. He is also an experienced mortgage broker with Griggs Mutual Realty & Management a company in Eastvale, CA.

Due in large part to various forms of overwhelming debt, misunderstandings in credit management, and less opportunity in owning and capitalizing on real estate - white wealth is 10 times median Black wealth!    However, Timothy Griggs isn't focused only on credit problems.  He is instead developing a great solutions based online tool.

The Benefits of Timothy Griggs' The Good Steward Financial System

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

1st Black-Owned Tech Firm to Offer 'Buy Now Pay Later' Services

1st Black-Owned Tech Firm to Offer 'Buy Now Pay Later' Services

Meet the founders of Novae LLC, the first Black-owned fintech company to offer Buy Now, Pay Later services to online and offline merchants under the brand Novae Financing. CEO Reco McCambry believes that these services — which are designed to fight inequality faced by minority entrepreneurs by drastically increasing sales for these partner merchants — are the first of their kind.

The volume of sales made using Buy Now, Pay Later technology — also known as BNPL — has been growing exponentially in recent years. BNPL allows customers to make purchases and pay them off over time with little to no money up-front. Importantly, some BNPL offers installment payments without interest and pre-qualification for these installment payments without hard credit inquiries, which can hurt a consumers’ credit score.

Even better for retailers, BNPL giant Klarna reports that when businesses add a Buy Now, Pay Later option to their online store, customers are 35% more likely to make a purchase and spend on average 45% more. The lower up-front price encourages customers to make purchases now that they might otherwise save for later — which every online retailer knows may spell a death knell for the sale. When customers feel compelled to wait until they have more money to pay up-front, they are much more likely to forget the purchase entirely or buy from a competitor.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Discover How Grant Bae Is Helping Black Entrepreneurs Get Millions In Non-Traditional Funding

Shonna Williams helps her clients apply for and secure small business
funding opportunities ranging from $25K to $250K

Meet Shonna Williams, better known as the Grant Bae. For the past 8 years, she’s been serving small businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide who might not qualify for traditional funding.

Instead, Shonna has freed the slaves, parted the waters, and opened the floodgates to the non-traditional funding that many entrepreneurs seem to be unaware of. In fact, entrepreneurs are so unaware that they left $1.7 billion dollars in grant opportunities on the table last year.

Shonna's company has helped over 7,000 of her clients to earn over $40 million in non-government grants during the past 10 months and over $25 million in the past 90 days alone. She has been mastering this gift for the past 8 years and even offers a money-back guarantee for her services.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Economically Empowering Black Bank Foundation Partners With $1.2B Organization


The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has announced a partnership to support the launch and growth of the National Black Bank Foundation (NBBF), whose Co-Founder and General Counsel is Ashley D. Bell (pictured). The Community Foundation is serving as fiscal sponsor of NBBF as it awaits its final IRS determination letter which will allow it to act as an independent nonprofit entity.

The Community Foundation also will provide ongoing administrative services to NBBF by way of back-office support including financial oversight, managing donations to the organization, and amplifying their mission across a network of 800 community foundations across the U.S., thus accelerating NBBF’s ability to grow and scale its impact in local communities.

Black-owned banks have worked to build economic equity for the last century by extending credit for small business loans and home purchases to borrowers that major lenders reject. In minority-majority zip codes, Black banks are often the primary source for fair, non-predatory lending. But countervailing market forces have severely restricted their impact and numbers. In 1976, there were 50 Black-owned banks. Today, there are just 18, and that retrenchment has left many impoverished Black communities without retail banking options. According to the Federal Reserve, 49 percent of Black households were unbanked or underbanked in 2019, compared to just 15 percent of white families.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Checkout the ingenious Idea That Made Janice Omadeke The Only 94th Black Woman To Raise $1M In Venture Capital


Janice Omadeke, founder and CEO of an Austin, Texas-based tech startup called The Mentor Method, has raised $1.4 million in seed funding to galvanize workplace inclusion and equity by reshaping mentorship experiences in support of diverse, rising talent. As of December 2020, only 93 other Black women have raised $1 million or more in venture capital.

Every company committing to social justice needs to include mentorship as a part of their action plan. Mentorship is a proven way to propel workplace inclusion and equity, but the process of finding a high-quality mentor has historically been inequitable.

Most people want a mentor, but fewer than 40 percent of people find one. Companies often find attrition rates higher among diverse talent, and turn to The Mentor Method for an affordable, easy-to-implement, scalable solution that enables diverse talent to connect, share valuable career lessons, and have support with navigating career challenges so that they are more likely to succeed, stay, and develop into empowered leaders.

Black Non-Profit The 25 Dream Campaign Gives Grants to Kids


Megan Faux, The Teaching Goddess, Founder and Executive Director of The 25 Dream Campaign, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation has launched a new initiative - monthly grants for kids. It's called The 25 Dreams Source of Light Grant, specifically for youth ages 6-18 in underserved communities. This monthly grant, in the amount of $100, rewards students for being a source of light in their family, community, or in the world. To donate to the grant fund or to apply for the grant please, visit

"We are living in such a dark world right now. I just wanted to do something that would reward the youth for being a source of light in their family, community, or in the world. A source of light is someone who brings goodness to the world. When you are a source of light, you are changing the world around you," said Megan. "My hope is that by rewarding our youth for good deeds early in life, they will see the value in goodness and continue shining throughout their lives and change the world for the better, thereby creating a world filled with more light than darkness."

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Black Startup Eventnoire Wins 1st Place in $1 Million Dollar Business Competition


The founders of Eventnoire, the premiere ticketing platform for Black events, have been announced as the winners of Mountain Dew's Real Change Opportunity Fund Competition. Eventnoire will receive a portion of the $1M prize pool, allowing them to continue to do work that strengthens Black businesses, uplifts Black communities, and levels the playing field for Black people in America.

Hundreds of start-ups competed in the shark-tank style contest, judged by celebrity judges DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club, Morgan DeBaun, and Lala Anthony. Eventnoire went through several rounds pitching its business model and innovative business concept. In addition to the cash prize awarded to Eventnoire, Howard University will receive a six-figure donation to help its students scale existing entrepreneurial ventures or turn seedling of ideas into profitable businesses.

Eventnoire is a new event management platform celebrating Black culture within the event industry. Founded in 2018 by Jeff Osuji and Femi Masha, Eventnoire is more than the average online event platform. It’s an innovative platform dedicated to meeting the social and event curation needs of the Black community that mainstream event and ticketing platforms have failed to achieve.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Meet 2 Black Bankers to Purchase a Bank for $200 Million


Darnell Parker and Derek Taylor, two banking veterans and the owners of Ingenious Financial, have announced plans to raise $200 million Series A funding to purchase an existing bank.‬ ‬‬‬‬‬Parker, who is the company's founder, and Taylor, who is the company's COO, say they are setting out to own a bank to better serve underserved and underbanked communities.

“Minority banks play an important role in the economic empowerment of minority communities and these financial institutions have long been considered as innovators in banking,” says Mr. Parker. “But in recent years, they have not always managed to keep up with technological advances.”

Parker and Taylor are launching the capital campaign to purchase a bank already insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), bypassing the strict regulations and other challenges that come with starting a bank from scratch. Mr. Parker says. “When larger financial institutions absorbed some of the minority deposit institutions banks, they left a tremendous void for these banks, who previously served minority communities by providing small to medium-sized business loans."

Monday, March 1, 2021

Discover How An Informative New Course By Derrick Hill Helps Black Nonprofits Get Elusive Funding


Many nonprofit organizations never reach their full potential due to the lack of funding. As a result, Derrick Hill, CEO of HillChase LLC, offers his newest course that enables nonprofits to rapidly increase their revenue, have maximum impact, and sustainable growth.

Derrick’s clients include but are not limited to Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Rickey Smiley Foundation, Chef G, Garvin Foundation, Boys & Girls Club, Colon Cancer Foundation, and many others. The same success strategies he delivers to these and other nonprofits are now available in the course: “Grow & Expand Your Nonprofit in 90 Days.”

“At HillChase, our mission is to help nonprofits be as successful as possible so that they can make the biggest difference possible,” explained Hill. “Our firm has over 15 years developing hundreds of nonprofits, including those focused on children and youth, community and economic development, housing, urban education, family engagement, and many other nonprofits structures. I understand the pressure that every nonprofit leader has to serve more beneficiaries, raise more money, and do more with less. That’s why I wanted to offer our firm’s education and expertise to any nonprofit in need.”

Thursday, February 25, 2021

See Why Mortgage Pro Timothy Griggs Created The New App To Help You Manage Your Credit


Timothy Griggs with 30+ years of experience in the mortgage industry has designed and launched an app called The Good Steward Financial System to help users manage their credit cards all in one place. Instead of having to login into multiple apps and websites to decide which credit card is best to use for a transaction, this mobile app consolidates all of the important information into one interface.

This app launch is just in time because many credit card companies are having a hard time managing the influx of traffic to their call centers and their mobile apps. This mobile app connects you directly with the backend of your credit card processing companies through an API and avoids the slow information acquisition that plagues the credit card apps daily.

By the year 2023, revolving credit card debt will expand by another $100 billion from $1.08 trillion. Now is the time to monitor and be strategic about your revolving credit, and this mobile credit card app will help you do just that.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Black-Owned Startup AfriBlocks Joins $26B Investment Platform


At AfriBlocks, they dare to design the future of work in Africa and beyond. By connecting a growing network of African freelancers with paying jobs across the Diaspora, they are poised to do their part to offset the impending global tech talent shortage. In a major boost to our efforts, Afriblocks is honored to announce that we have been selected as a part of Techstars Seattle's 2021 cohort!

Since its inception in 2006, Techstars has guided 2,379 companies to raise more than $11.4 billion in investments. Fueled by its mentorship-driven program, Techstars is steadily building a legacy of successful startups, with more than 80% of participating companies being active or acquired.