Friday, June 24, 2022

Discover How The TGS Financial System's Mobile App Looks To Reboot The Road To Wealth

The Road To Wealth Reboots With The TGS Financial System's Mobile App

By Kamau Austin

Looking at wealth and income data in the United States illustrates obtaining prosperity in America isn't easy or for the faint of heart. To achieve financial independence and success takes careful planning for most Americans since the majority of us won't inherit wealth.

Less than 10% of Americans are millionaires. About 79% of millionaires claim they didn't obtain their wealth from an inheritance. According to the National Study Of Millionaires, the largest study of its type, only 21% of millionaires in the US received inheritances.

According to CNBC about 8.8% of all Americans are millionaires (or about 20.27 million Americans) . Since only 8.8% of Americans are millionaires this begs the question: how can the other 91.2% of Americans get on the path to wealth creation?

These certainly are sobering statistics to reflect on given the increasingly problematic nature of obtaining affluence in our country. However, entrepreneur Timothy Griggs, has developed an innovative and high-tech system to help most of us achieve financial viability and put us on the road to wealth creation in the United States.

Griggs has an extensive background of over 20 years in real estate investing and is also a mortgage broker. This positions him as an excellent resource since 90% of millionaires in the US invest their money in real estate.  Learn more in the video below...