Tuesday, November 24, 2015

HP Grants Still Helping Entrepreneurs Change the World

HP has been giving grant and now loans to small businesses for decades.  They have partnered with micro-finance company Kiva to give micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The have a bunch of support services for small businesses also in the fields of education.  For more business grant and loan information check out the HP Economic Progress page.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Grants For Single Mothers

Submitted by: Nicholas Jarder

Being a single mother is never easy whether it was by choice or through divorce or separation every young mom at some time or another needs financial help. The good news is that the U.S. government is there to lend a helping hand.

There are many different free grant programs for women that can be found on line and they can decide for which to apply. These grants for single mothers don’t need to be paid back they are there to assist women with children who find that money is too tight.

Some of the types of grants that are available are grants for housing, daycare and for help to pay rent. If a single mother is already registered with a college or university then she can also apply for a college grant for single mothers. This will help her to be able to continue her education and she won’t have to drop out.

For a single mom to be eligible for a grant her average annual income must fall below a certain level and she will be requested to fill in an application with details about her economic background. However hard it is to raise children alone it is good to know that help is available. It is suggested that a single mom who has applied for and received a grant not to solely depend on it but to also find some kind of job.

Among the varied grants for single mothers which are available one is a housing grant provided by the Public Housing Agencies (PHA). They give out subsidiaries which are to be paid to the landlords with the mother making up the difference.

The best thing to do while deciding where to apply is to check out the government website which lists all the grants that are available. A good suggestion is to pick some which you would like to apply for and fill out all of their applications so that you have a better chance at getting a grant in case at least one doesn’t accept you because competition is so steep. You might also like to check out the sites that offer grants from private non-profit organizations.

The most important thing for a single mom is to be aware that such grants exist and she can get the financial help she needs. A lot of the money which the government sets aside for these grants often goes unused because women do not know where to look for help.

Once she has decided on the grant she wants to apply for the application process can be a bit complicated. The woman must be sure that she has filled the form in accurately and has filled out all the necessary fields to ensure that she will be accepted. The submitted application takes about a couple of weeks to perhaps some months to be processed and for the single mother to be informed if she has been accepted or denied for a grant. Meanwhile she should have some finances to fall back on.

About the Author: Are you looking for more information regarding grants for single mothers? Visit www.umcssa.org today!

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