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Get The Scoop On Why The Dream Exchange Is Welcoming New Investor Ticki Favaroth

Breaking Barriers in Finance: Dream Exchange Welcomes Ticki Favaroth as a New Investor

Ticki Favaroth, Senior Partner and Managing Director at HR&Co.

Dream Exchange is pleased to announce that, Ticki Favaroth, a visionary entrepreneur whose firm supports human resources and talent organizations, has become the latest investor in Dream Exchange. Dream Exchange, is currently in the process of preparing its application to become the first minority-owned stock exchange in the United States.

This strategic partnership reinforces Dream Exchange's mission to provide an accessible financial platform with ethics and humanity at its core. 

Ticki Favaroth, Senior Partner and Managing Director at HR&Co.

Ms. Favaroth is the Senior Partner and Managing Director at HR&Co., a human resources firm that provides state-of-the art tailored business and administrative solutions to a diverse range of clients, including businesses, government entities, and nonprofit organizations. Ms. Favaroth, a graduate of Texas's Women's University and Texas Tech University, brings a unique and powerful perspective to the group of growing investors in the Dream Exchange. Her extensive work experience spans across organizations, including U.S. Homeland Security, contributing to high-impact outcomes in these renowned institutions. 

Expressing her excitement about investing in Dream Exchange, Ms. Favaroth stated, "In a world ripe for transformation, it is imperative to embrace new avenues for growth and development and take bold steps towards instigating change. Dream Exchange represents an opportunity to contribute to world change with like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference."

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Get The Scoop On How Divergent CRO The Highly Regarded Black-owned Contract Research Organization Is Redefining Success

Redefining Success: A Black-Owned CRO's Journey

At Divergent CRO our journey as a Black-owned Contract Research Organization (CRO) is not just about providing top-notch services in the biotech industry; it's about shattering glass ceilings, amplifying underrepresented voices, and fostering an environment where diversity thrives. Founded on the principles of equity and inclusion, we are on a mission to disrupt the status quo and pave the way for a more equitable future in clinical research.

Every member of our team brings a unique perspective and set of experiences to the table. From our seasoned researchers to our dedicated project managers, diversity is not just a buzzword – it's ingrained in our DNA. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond our internal operations; it's reflected in every aspect of the work we do.

As a Black-owned business, we understand the importance of representation and the impact it can have on the communities we serve. By championing diversity in clinical trials, we're not just advancing scientific knowledge; we're giving a voice to those who have historically been marginalized and underserved by the healthcare system.

But our commitment to diversity goes beyond lip service; it's backed by tangible action. From actively recruiting participants from diverse backgrounds to collaborating with minority-owned businesses and advocacy groups, we're dedicated to building a more inclusive and equitable ecosystem in the biotech industry.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Get The Scoop On Career Training Resources For Enhancing Your Added Value In The 21st Century Job Marketplace

Resources For Enhancing Your Added Value In The 21st Century Marketplace

By Pierre Clark, Managing Partner, NuMillennium Opportunity Capital Ltd.


How To Enhance Your Own Added Value In The 21st Century Marketplace

Dr. Martin Luther King said Everybody can be great. Because everyone can serve. The key is to be the best at whatever you are. Because the key to success in the world is the value you add in dealing with others in whatever you do in the world. Because everyone out there has a talent where you can contribute and add value to the world.


But in today’s world you have to sharpen, enhance and present that added value. Far too many of you are waiting for someone to validate your own skill set. In the world of the 21st century you will have to validate, build upon improve and market your own skill set and your own ability to add value in whatever circumstance you find yourself in.


Companies are ruthlessly laying off tens of thousands of workers. Using AI and other tools, They are looking to automate and outsource many tasks and skills they formerly paid workers thousands of dollars a month to perform.

Article On Resources For Enhancing Your Added Value In The 21st Century Marketplace By Pierre Clark Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On
"Resources For Enhancing Your
Added Value In The
21st Century Marketplace"
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Yet at the same time they are telling experts they are constantly seeking workers with skills and that there is an acute shortage of the kind of workers they say they need. Where’s the disconnect? Simple. Companies are laying off workers that they don’t feel add value or needed skills to their bottom line activities. And they are looking for those workers who can perform value added tasks in the rapidly evolving work world of the 21st century. And they are willing to pay handsomely for those workers with the skills they are looking for. People who know how to use and solve problems with AI are being paid hundreds of thousands a year.


If you have and can deliver value-added skills like coding, copywriting, data analysis, creative graphic design, marketing, and sales/promotion - according to Mr. Wonderful, Kevin OLeary - you can write your own ticket and name your own price. Employers are saying that they have three to six million more available jobs than the skilled workers to fill them.


So if you’re not working now, it’s because employers don’t feel you have the skill sets and added value talents for the jobs they have available today. Fortunately it has never been easier to learn and acquire the value added skills you need than it is right now.


Companies are offering online training right now for free or very low cost, including companies like Google and Microsoft, colleges and universities like Harvard and MIT, community colleges in every state, and independent companies like Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, and others like them. States are partnering with many of these institutions to underwrite the costs of training resources that you can access for free through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Here are ten resources that you can access right now for free training and government sources that will pay for specialized training. It’s up to you in the work world of today to prove you have or are willing to learn and provide the value added skills that will keep you employed or in demand in your own side hustle business.

  1. Free classes at Harvard University: Click Here

  2. Free training at Khan Academy: Click Here

  3. Free courses from Microsoft. Click Here

  4. Free Microsoft Courses from Coursera. Click Here

  5. Free AI Courses From Google: Click Here

  6. Free Courses From Quora: Click Here

  7. More Free Microsoft Courses: Click Here

  8. Harvard And MIT. Free Online Courses: Click Here

  9. Chicago-Based Low-Cost And Free Training: Click Here

  10. Free Coding And Programming Classes: Click Here

Robert Schiller once said about success in life: If it is to me, it is up to me. If you want to change the direction and impact of your life, recognize and embrace your own responsibility to improve enhance your own skill set and the added value proposition you offer to the world. Keep on, stay strong, and take charge of your own destiny.

About Pierre Clark - Pierre Clark is a serial entrepreneur who has established several successful for-profit and non-profit entities as well as a technologist, technology and real estate development consultant. He is also a columnist and publisher. Reach Pierre at 312-970-0249, @pierreaclark on social media or e-mail pclark@nufuturesventures.com.
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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Get The Inside Scoop For Minority Business Success In The $1 Trillion Dollar Federal Contracting Industry!

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The Long Island African American Chamber Of Commerce (LIAACC), is proud to announce its sponsorship of Eyeris Industries’ upcoming series of virtual 3.5-day hands-on Federal Contracting Bootcamp for the month of April. This boot camp is specifically designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs quickly transition into the thriving federal government contracting sector.

By attending this boot camp, you will have access to an unparalleled opportunity to tap into the $1 trillion worth of federal contracts available to small businesses during the peak contracting season from April to September 2024.

Why should you leap into the Federal Contracting Bootcamp?

  • Fast-Track Entry: Leap directly into the lucrative federal contracting arena.
  • Expert-Designed Curriculum: Learn from industry mavens, using—our 3.5-day Federal Contracting Bootcamp. Aimed at swiftly transitioning materials crafted to meet the unique needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Master bidding and securing government contracts with actionable strategies.
  • NO Bonding Required: Navigate through with ease thanks to Tripartite Agreements.
  • No prior contractor knowledge or license needed.
  • Remote Work Opportunities: Collaborate with local contractors and earn as the crucial connector.
  • Exclusive Networking: Connect with a network of seasoned Government and Federal contractors, MWBE/DBE/SBE Contractors and Subcontractors, and support organizations.
  • Affordable and efficient: In just 3.5 days, you can unlock the secrets to Business Credit, Funding, and Federal Contract Funding programs.

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They are committed to making this pathway to success as accessible as possible. Their $2500 Fast Track Course is now offered at an incredible value of just $1198 with only $199 down. The deal gets even sweeter for College Students - with a value of just $999 and only $99 down. The only catch? Join our “Federal Contracting Boot Camp” Facebook page.

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Get The Scoop On How Wade Institute Of Technology (WIT) Awards Black Students Free STEM Higher Education

WIT U Looks To
Provide Black Scholars With
Free Options For
Engineering Education!

We are losing Black talent in engineering, and last summer’s affirmative action ruling dealt a further blow to that already dwindling pipeline. A fast-moving dynamic profession needs equally agile educational preparation.

At The Wade Institute of Technology (WIT), we have a solution. Who are we? A new Palo Alto-based engineering college focused on mitigating the acute underrepresentation of African Americans and students of African descent in STEM professions through scholarships and unique educational programs.

We’re seeking applicants for our Master’s in Engineering Management, a 24-month, tuition-free program for Black students with undergraduate degrees in a STEM discipline OR in the liberal arts. This unique program provides background in core engineering areas as well as leadership principles for those who want broad-based management and leadership positions rather than technologist roles. Program and application details can be found here.

As an institution dedicated to providing an education that combines rigorous academic study with the excitement of experiential discovery, we are also proud to provide a small and close-knit community where Black students can be themselves, know they’re valued, and supported in learning from their mistakes and from each other.

I thank you in advance for helping us democratize and diversify higher education and professional opportunities by sharing this program information within your community.



Lorna Jones

Academic Director

Wade Institute of Technology

Wade Scholarship Program

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Learn How A Former Gang Member From LA Now Runs a Multi-Million Dollar Organization


In 2012, Yusef Wiley was released from a California Correctional facility after serving close to 22 years due to his past gang involvement in South Central LA. He hit the ground running being supported by family, friends, and the faith community located in the San Francisco Bay Area, he immediately began to make his passion for serving known by speaking at all types of venues.

Not long after that, requests began to pour in for Yusef to share his story at local government meetings, college campus events, and companies in Silicon Valley. After securing employment in the private school sector as an African-American Studies School Teacher.

In 2014, it was time to bring to life his dream and prayer to serve his community full-time as founder of the Timelist Group, Inc., which is now a successful multi-million dollar operation serving the very community he once helped to destroy as a gang member.

Checkout This Video On
One Of The Main Driving
Forces Of Yusef Wiley's Success

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Get The Scoop On How Distinguished Petrophysicist Essi Kwabi Becomes The Latest Investor For The Dream Exchange

Dream Exchange Welcomes Distinguished Petrophysicist Essi Kwabi as a New Investor

Dream Exchange is excited to welcome Essi Kwabi, a distinguished Petrophysicist and philanthropist, to its circle of passionate investors who want to make a difference in the world. This marks a significant stride in Dream Exchange's journey to becoming the first minority-owned and operated stock exchange.

As an esteemed member of Rotary International, financial enthusiast, and devoted mother, Essi brings much experience and commitment to enhancing equity in finance. "I am excited and honored to help support and elevate Black-owned businesses through the Dream Exchange efforts.

Access to capital is quite a challenge and a limiting factor to growth for many black-owned small businesses, and with Dream Exchange, we can break this barrier and change the narrative while building a new and equitable legacy for many generations. I couldn't be prouder to be part of this opportunity to change the lives of these business owners, their employees and their families, and the community at large." -said Essi Kwabi.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

See Why The Black-Owned Stock Exchange The Dream Exchange Promises To Expand Black Investment in Public Companies

The Dream Exchange Will Exponentially Expand Black Participation in
Public Companies

Chicago, IL. - Out of over 6,000 public companies based in the U.S., less than 15 are Black-owned or 0.1%. The Dream Exchange, the first majority Black-owned stock exchange in formation, intends to change that.

The Dream Exchange is being spring boarded by two seasoned executives Joe Cecala, Founder and CEO of Dream Exchange and Dwain Kyles, Esq, Managing Member, DX Capital Partners.

Early-Stage Growth Companies or ESGC's are the hidden gem that have historically only been accessible to a very tight-knit network of ultra-wealthy individuals. As a result of these opportunities not being widely accessible, the wealth gap widens.

Unless you are connected to the circle of high-net-worth angel investors or venture capital firms, you are outside this particular “wealth creation” ecosystem. Those on the outside are oblivious to the next unicorn startup company, until it is already public, and worth billions of dollars. These early-stage growth opportunities have, for the past 30 years, been where the majority of wealth gets harvested in public offerings.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Get The Scoop On Why Cassaundra and Joko Brownell Are An Awesome Team Addition To The Dream Exchange

Dynamic Duo Cassaundra and Joko Brownell Join Dream Exchange Investor Community

Watch The Video On
What Is The Dream Exchange?

Cassaundra and Joko Brownell Join Dream Exchange Investor Community

Cassaundra and Joko Brownell

CHICAGO, The Dream Exchange, the first Black-owned and controlled stock exchange in formation proudly announces the addition of Cassaundra and Joko Brownell to its esteemed group of investors. This power couple, with a track record of entrepreneurial success, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the Dream Exchange investor community.

Cassaundra Brownell, a distinguished entrepreneur and marketing expert, earned a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Oral Roberts University followed by an MBA from Dallas Baptist University. Cassaundra has dedicated over a decade to sales and consulting, becoming a driving force behind three logistics companies, a design and construction firm, and currently serving as the Chief Revenue Officer for a cutting-edge startup specializing in leadership technology.

"I've come to understand that my life's purpose revolves around assisting individuals in earning a living doing what brings them joy. In investing in Dream Exchange, I see a pathway to continue this mission," stated Cassaundra Brownell.

Joko Brownell holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Oral Roberts University. He established a successful real estate firm in Colorado Springs before venturing into logistics in Maryland.

Reflecting on why he chose to invest in Dream Exchange, Joko stated, "The Dream Exchange stands as an unwavering commitment to dismantling the ordinary and disrupting the status quo. Dream Exchange and I have a shared commitment to forging a path toward the extraordinary, creating an ecosystem where passions flourish and dreams find their wings."

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Get The Scoop On The War on African American Entrepreneurs By Highly Regarded Financer and Entrepreneur Gary L. Smith

The War On
African American Entrepreneurs

By Gary Smith

We've witnessed the War on Poverty and endured the War on Drugs, but the ongoing War on Black Entrepreneurship is a different battle altogether. The assault on black entrepreneurs, traces back to the late 1800s when black landowners, primarily farmers, were either cheated out of their land or forcibly expelled.

The Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a thriving hub of Black-owned businesses known as Black Wall Street, exemplified the prosperity of black entrepreneurs with over 35 city blocks of shops, hotels, and theaters in the early 20th century.

Similar vibrant black economies existed in various cities across the nation, like Black Bottom in Detroit, only to face destruction, such as the demolition, for a freeway. Despite the passage of time, the struggle persists into 2024, with systemic barriers disproportionately affecting Black entrepreneurs.

The aftermath of the Great Recession saw the top 20% wealthiest Americans gaining wealth, while 80% of black families fell behind, illustrating the deep-seated inequities.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, people of color, women, and rural Americans encountered barriers hindering entrepreneurship. Disparities in wealth, limited access to funding, and systemic biases in loan approval processes persist, intensifying the challenges faced by Black and Latino entrepreneurs.

The pandemic further exacerbated these inequities, revealing the racial, gender, and geographic disparities in access to government relief and the subsequent closure of businesses owned by entrepreneurs of color.

Get The Scoop On How New York Is Closer To Reparations

Senator James Sanders Historic Reparations Bill Signed into Law: New York State Charts Path to Healing and Justice

New York, NY – December 19, 2023 – In a momentous victory for advocates of racial justice, Governor Katchy Hochul today signed into law the (S.1163-A/SANDERS Same as A.7691/Solages), a groundbreaking bill sponsored by Senator Sanders that establishes the “New York State Community Commission on Reparations Remedies.” The Commission will research the harm from slavery and after slavery, including racial discrimination, in New York and recommend remedies and reparations. This legislation marks a historic turning point for the City of New York and the State of New York  and sets a powerful example for the nation to follow. 

Senator James Sanders Jr.
, Chair of the NY State Senate Select Majority Task Force on Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises, and Assemblymember Michaelle C. Solages, Chair of The New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus, are both Chief Sponsors of the legislation. In 2020, California created a task force to study reparations. New York is the second state to study whether to issue reparations.
"This is a day that will be etched in the annals of our state's history," said Senator James Sanders, who has championed reparations for years. This commission marks a crucial step towards acknowledging that pain, understanding its present consequences, and finally taking action to build a more equitable future.