Thursday, December 27, 2018

Learn How To Get Start-up Capital For Black-Owned Beauty Supply Stores


Nationwide -- Beauty Supply Lending Group, an organization recently founded by Professor Devin Robinson, who wrote the best-selling book Taking it Back: How to Become a Successful Black Beauty Supply Owner in 2007 and founded Beauty Supply Institute in 2008, continues his work in the ethnic beauty industry with this additional endeavor.

Professor Devin Robinson

When asked, why take this step? he said, "My goal was always to become a one-stop shop for those interested in store ownership. It is a lucrative business to get into, but start-up capital was always the top obstacle for them."

In 2010, Beauty Supply Institute began hosting two biannual conferences; one on the west coast and one on the east coast, to educate individuals on the overall business, how to get in and if is best for them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Discover These Discounted Grant Writing Services For Non-Profits and Faith-Based Organizations


Nationwide --  One non-profit organization is dedicated to aiding those less fortunate. Established in the heart of Fort Worth and Dallas Texas, they've aided the less fortunate for over 20 years now. Many of those they helped were able to get back on their feet and start their lives a new.

The Humanitas Community Development Corporation (CDC) was established in April of 1988 under the sponsorship of another nonprofit to assist low income and economic distressed business with consulting and organizational experience to secure federal, state, local and private funds for rural and urban Tarrant County. Their goal is to bring dollars to low income and economic distressed business areas to help the poor.

Other areas of importance to Humanitas include New Job Creation, New Business Development, Housing and Rental Development for the Poor, Corporate and Community Economic Development Partnerships, Banking and Financial Institution Support, Economic and Community Development Feasibility and needs assessment studies in low income and economic depressed business areas, and Banks and the Community Re-Invest Act.

Friday, December 14, 2018

See How Minnesota Residents Respond With Independent Credit Union To Philando Castile Killing

Is Economic And Financial Development The Response To Police Brutality
Me’Lea Connelly starts credit union (picture Time For An Awakening)
Remember Philando Castile was murdered by police although he had a license for a handgun and told them in advance?  Well the black community residents responding by starting a cooperative credit union.

I don't have all the answers with how to deal with systemic racism.  But one thing many of us are beginning to realize is we aren't going to continue to support apathetic business institutions that don't truly care for our humanity.  Good move sistah Me’Lea Connelly for your efforts to upstart economic development.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Checkout How The Only Black Woman-Owned Beef Jerky Manufacturer in the Country is a Supplier for the NFL, MLB and NASCAR


Jachin, AL -- Marjorie's Beef Jerky is currently shipping to Major League Baseball teams (including to Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Amir Garrett, who loves the products) and NASCAR. In addition, the Black woman-owned company also received a major order to supply products to NFL training camps. The brand, launched by African American entrepreneur Michelle Timberlake, has over 250 VIP celebrities as customers.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Discover Why Financial Expert Harrine Freeman Wants To Help You Protect Your Credit Card And Online Data

New Service To Help Consumers Fight Back Against Data Breaches

Washington, DC, October 17, 2018 – After extensive consumer research, H.E. Freeman Enterprises, a personal finance consulting and coaching company, has launched a new service that will change lives for consumers nationwide. Consumers that have been a victim of data breach or identity theft can now receive identity theft recovery services to help restore their identity. 

Data breaches include exposure of credit card or debit card, social security number, financial account, health information, department of motor vehicle records, and email, password and user names. The cost of lost data due to data breaches reached $17 billion in 2017. The most recent data breaches include Google+, Facebook, Department of Defense, Toyota, British Airways and T-Mobile.

“Many consumers don’t understand the impact of a data breach or an identity theft incident,” said Harrine Freeman, Founder of H.E. Freeman Enterprises. One incident can cost consumers up to $1,200 and 600 hours in recovery time. I’m very excited to offer this service to consumers.” Freeman stated.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

See How Grameen America Has Loaned Over $1 Billion in Microloans to Low-Income Women

Grameen America Hits $1 Billion Milestone in Microloans to Low-Income Women
New York, NY - Grameen America, the fastest-growing microfinance organization in the United States, has distributed a historic $1 billion in microloans to more than 100,000 low-income women entrepreneurs in the country since its inception 10 years ago. The organization now has 20 branches in 13 American cities and plans to open a branch in Houston, expand to other cities, and deepen its footprint.

Over the next decade, the organization aims to touch the lives of 1 million people, create 360,000 jobs, and invest $12 billion in women-owned businesses. The organization has successfully adapted its small-group, trust-based microfinance model in different markets across the United States.

NoVo Foundation announces social emotional learning Innovation Fund award winners

$1.2 million will be given to educators and school districts to support innovations in social and emotional learning

NEW YORK, NY — The NoVo Foundation, in partnership with Education First and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, announced the 2018 teacher and district awardees of the Social and Emotional Learning Innovation Fund. Ninety teachers out of 639 applicants (14%) and 34 districts out of 391 applicants (9%) received awards. You can see the list of awardees here.
“All across the country, teachers and districts are daring to redefine what it will mean to thrive in our interdependent and fast-changing world, elevating love, relationships, empathy, independent thinking and creativity,” said Jennifer Buffett, co-president of the NoVo Foundation. “We could not be more excited about these awardees, each of whom is a model for educators everywhere.”
Social and emotional earning (SEL) is the process of developing fundamental skills for life success within supportive, participatory learning environments. SEL skills include recognizing and managing emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships and making responsible decisions. These crucial capacities can be taught by classroom teachers to students of every background.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Warren Buffet to Give $90 Million Towards Empowering Women of Color

Warren Buffet to Give $90 Million Towards
Empowering Women of Color

Billionaire businessman, Warren Buffet, has committed to giving $90 million to help empower women of color. The first round of grants amounts to $13 million and will be distributed this fall. All of the money will be given over a period of 7 years.

Peter Buffet, the youngest son of Warren Buffet, established the NoVo Foundation dedicated to helping non-profit organizations and agencies who empower girls of color. The foundation is also giving much latitude to grant recipients, relying on the expertise of these organizations to determine how best to use the funds.

This is a move that has amazed nonprofits like Brooklyn-based Girls for Gender Equity. Founder Kameisha Smith stated that she had "never had a funder approach grants from a position of following the guidance of the people doing the work."

Grants awarded in 3 areas

The grants will be awarded in three areas: organizations that work with girls of color, girls and organizations in the southeast United States, and national policy and research dedicated to the unique issues facing black and brown girls.

To learn more about the Novo Foundation, visit

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Where to Find the Latest Black Scholarships



Nationwide  -- Every year, many organizations and corporations give scholarships away to African American students, but often the programs are not well promoted. A new web site,, has solved that problem. The web site publishes new scholarship opportunities every week.

African American students often suffer the most from the consequences of student debt, and many spend years repaying the debt that they owe. But the sad truth is that most of them never had to pay for college in the first place. Every year, more than $250 million in scholarships are given away to Black and other minority students.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Web Site To Empower Black Business Owners

BlackExcellenceDirectory Connects Black Businesses Owners With Black Customers

Denver, CO ( -- Denver-based company, Lynn Nicole Management LLC, will soon be launching a new website, BlackExcellenceDirectory, aimed at funneling more dollars to the nation’s Black-owned businesses. With the main focus of approving businesses with a reputation for producing and offering high quality products and services by mobilizing Black-owned businesses for success with the launch of their online directory, Black Excellence Business Directory.

The company has created a dynamic platform that allows minority-owned enterprises to streamline their marketing strategies and promote their businesses. The online directory can be used by doctors, attorneys, realtors, banks, law offices, restaurants, grocery stores, mechanic shops, sports bars/clubs, cultural bookstores, fashion boutiques, barber/beauty salons, educators, authors, artists and much more.

This Black-owned business directory,, will become the new Angies List. Registration is free, easy and gives you the ability to promote your business, manage your reputation and customize your profile, read & respond to reviews and much more!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Is "Buy The Block," The Premier Black Real Estate Crowd Funding Platform, The Answer To Gentrification?

"Buy The Block" Stands Out From The Crowd In Black Investing

Nationwide -- Entrepreneur Lynn P. Smith is the founder and CEO at Buy The Block - one of the only Black-owned platforms in the country that is dedicated to making investments in real estate as a group more accessible. The movement is presently on its way to recording massive success in funding for diverse development projects across Black communities in the US.

This enviable initiative offers every Black American an opportunity to invest as little as $100, and connect with other investors - with an added advantage of helping every member buy a piece of their first block. Having a growing database of BlockVestors and Block Developers, all it takes to be a member is by signing up on their website.

With the platform, acquiring property or block of choice in one's local area is achievable. Getting the funds to make such a big difference can also be without hassles. All that is required of a member is to; find a property, make an offer, bring the property to Buy The Block, get the needed funding from other investors if they so desire, and then purchase the block.

The ability to share wealth depending on each person's investment makes it a win-win situation for all block investors. Buy The Block can manage any project from concept to end, and they aim to develop a large number of construction projects, in areas such as; residential, manufacturing, retail, multi-family, medical, religious, and pre-engineered building construction.

With the focus on the Black communities in America, Buy The Block is on track to raise millions of dollars in funding for development projects in these communities. Having the capacity to take on more significant projects and contracts, they project that they will soon change the face of crowdfunding real estate investing in the country.

They intend to do this by committing their time to getting great projects and making it a win-win for all sponsored projects. Their mission as stated on their website is to "change investing from confusing and frustrating, to an accessible and enjoyable social experience."
Speaking excitedly, Lynn said; "Indeed, we have loads of challenges, but I am determined to educate our community and make this work... thanks to the everyone out there, that united as one to embrace and support this unique concept."

Check out all of Buy the Block’s community sponsors: Buy The Block Community Investors

For more information about Lynn Smith or visit: Buy The Block

Sunday, September 23, 2018

See How The Interactive Business Weekend Shows Black Entrepreneurs How To Get Money For Their Startups

See Why Ella Rucker Went From "Being Pregnant Sleeping On A Couch" To Showing Black Entrepreneurs Da Money

Nationwide -- When Ella Rucker spent her first pregnancy on her friend's couch nine years ago, she didn't have any plans to change the lives of entrepreneurs. And now she's changing the economic climate for entrepreneurs.

The Interactive Business Pitch Weekend is coming to Washington, D.C. Rucker, who got her start in entrepreneurism after her first daughter was born, has created an event for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists, television executive producers and on-air personalities.

The Interactive Business Pitch Weekend is a collaboration of seasoned, experienced and successful professionals who possess the skill, experience, and knowledge entrepreneurs need to succeed.

These pitch professionals have teamed up to provide “interactive” presentations and specialized workshops designed to prepare entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools needed to pitch with confidence! Rucker comments, "African American entrepreneurs are often not represented 'at the table' where the big deals are made. So we are bringing the table to the entrepreneurs!"

Underfunding of African American entrepreneurs has been a problem. Silicon Valley doesn’t house an abundant minority population. And to add insult to injury, many founders don't know how to pitch their idea.

That’s where the Interactive Business Pitch Weekend is stepping in to help. Checkout the video and more info on the Interactive Business Pitch Weekend.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

See How This High Powered Workshop Is Helping Black Firms In LA Get Capital And Business Credit

PhD Candidate And Business Finance Expert Stephanie Ardrey To Teach LA Businesses To Get Capital And Credit 

Los Angeles, CA -- Stephanie Ardrey, CEO, Blu Diamond Group, Inc., offers her upcoming workshop "Showing you the money! Capital + Credit for Business" on Saturday, September 29, 2018 from 9am to 12 noon, at Lavender Blue, 3310 W. Manchester, Inglewood, CA. This workshop delivers the answers on how to find the money to grow your business and how to GET the money!

* Cash - how to capture, collect and increase
* Credit - why essential to building a successful business
* Collateral - what besides real estate is an option
* Sources - what you need and where to go 
Corporate Credit program will be presented as well detailing how to establish your venture and create business credit.

Led by Stephanie Ardrey, Doctoral Candidate, with over 25+ years of business experience as an entrepreneur, executive, and adjunct university faculty. Ardrey has taken a startup firm from the "garage to a $250MM joint venture with eight-offices across seven states and over 400 employees," she has led teams with the oversight of billion-dollar portfolios of commercial real estate assets.

 Buy Her Book

Please Checkout The Video Interview With Ms. Ardrey Below...