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Nationwide --  One non-profit organization is dedicated to aiding those less fortunate. Established in the heart of Fort Worth and Dallas Texas, they've aided the less fortunate for over 20 years now. Many of those they helped were able to get back on their feet and start their lives a new.

The Humanitas Community Development Corporation (CDC) was established in April of 1988 under the sponsorship of another nonprofit to assist low income and economic distressed business with consulting and organizational experience to secure federal, state, local and private funds for rural and urban Tarrant County. Their goal is to bring dollars to low income and economic distressed business areas to help the poor.

Other areas of importance to Humanitas include New Job Creation, New Business Development, Housing and Rental Development for the Poor, Corporate and Community Economic Development Partnerships, Banking and Financial Institution Support, Economic and Community Development Feasibility and needs assessment studies in low income and economic depressed business areas, and Banks and the Community Re-Invest Act.

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The CDC has an affiliation with several other nonprofit agencies and churches. Among them are assisting the poor and low income persons towards self-sufficiency. Their strategic goal is to assist the community, especially the low income communities with positive economic and community development.

Here are their Economic and Community Development Assistance Services:

* Grant Application Assistance

* Community Re-Investment Planning
* Economic Development Assistance For Incubator/Consortium Development
* Grant Information Assistance
* Business Plans/Tax Exempt Application/Financing
* SBA and Other Loan Proposal Packaging
* Women/Minority Business Consulting
* VA Benefits Consulting
* Microenterprise Lending Set Up
* Seminar and Work Shop Development

For more details about The Humanitas Community Development Corporation, visit their site

Exclusive Bonus Interview With Finance Expert James Reedom

We caught up with James Reedom, Founder of Humanitas Community Development Corporation (CDC).  Reedom has many years of government and business financing experience.  We asked him some important questions about financing nonprofit organizations and minority businesses.  His interview with Kamau Austin, publisher of the Minority Business Financing Scoop (MBFS), follows below...

Kamau For MBFS - Can you tell us where you grew up and a little about your family life?

James Reedom's Answer -  I grew up in a rural southern Louisiana town in New Iberia, Louisiana. It was about 90 miles from New Orleans, and 60 miles from Baton Rouge. My late parents has 12 children.

I am number 6 and my mother and father Marshall and Dorothy Reedom, raised all of the 12 children. All of the 12 have a Masters degree or  better.

Two were involved in military careers and two had their own businesses. I grew up in a town where the black community cared for each other and worked together. We also respected our old people and appreciated learning from them.

Kamau For MBFS - How did you become interested in obtaining financing for startup and emerging businesses in distressed communities?

James Reedom's Answer - I saw so many black people growing up who had their own businesses as a child. As I grew up and began working I wanted to help them.

Kamau For MBFS - Why is financing for small businesses so important?

James Reedom's Answer - Because you do not feel right in life unless you own something, and a business is the road to owning something and creating something for you and your family. Plus you get to make a worthy contribution to society.

Kamau For MBFS - Can you give us 3 good tips for getting financing for an organization or nonprofit?
James Reedom's Answer - Form your nonprofit or organization. And then:

1. Obtain the IRS Tax Exempt from the IRS
2. Seek the following: grants, donations and contributions
3. Obtain creative financing. Form community coalitions and seek government grants and foundations financing.

Kamau For MBFS - What are some great ways to get financing for a business?

James Reedom's Answer - Going public with the SEC and forming a sub chapter S corporation. Forming under Regulation D

Kamau For MBFS - How realistic is it for a developing business to get government contracts?

James Reedom's Answer - Very realistic but you have to follow all government rules of getting properly registered.

Kamau For MBFS - What are some of the unique ways you can help a business or nonprofit organization obtain financing?
James Reedom's Answer - These are the most important things that come to mind:

Register with State and Federal government.

Obtain a business and or corporate plan

Seek corporate financing through stock option development.

Seek creative financing for the business or organization such as PRI,s and MRI;s These are private related investments and mission related investments.

For more info about James Reedom, and The Humanitas Community Development Corporation, visit their site

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