Friday, August 30, 2019

Historic 1st Black Male-Owned Bridal Boutique Offers Business And Financing Options To Licensees

Fast Growing Remi Raine Bridal Boutique Looks To Position Enterpreneurs For Profitable Business Opportunities

Build Your Own Business With The Remi Raine Bridal National Licensees Program

Remi Raine Bridal, is a vibrant family owned couture bridal boutique company based out of Tempe Arizona.  The boutique is becoming increasingly popular, due to cutting-edge designs from Europe, and around the globe, with a respect for the traditions of haute couture tailoring and exquisite gown-making craftsmanship.

The designers showcased by the exclusive bridal boutique are selected from top designers all over the world.  These designers have a keen sense of the nuances of high fashion in their collections, and exude a special style sense for elegance, grace, and personality. Style, tradition, quality and price – these are the four core characteristics of the brand Remi Raine Bridal.

The company's mission and goal is to be the top family owned bridal boutique in the country within 5 years. Steve Larkin, the founder of Remi Raine Bridal, has developed a viable plan of action allowing other aspiring entrepreneurs to live the American dream of owning a business without -- the high start-up costs!

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