Minority Business Grant Sources

Black Business Grants is Usually for Nonprofits unless you enter business competitions.  However, Laine Bradley makes a case that businesses can get grants too.  Watch her video and article click here

www.Grants.gov - This is the US government's official site to find grants it is offering. Remember most grants are for nonprofits serving the public good. However if you are a for profit business you may be able to partner with a nonprofit to help your community.

www.FDNcenter.org - This is the Foundation Center and is where the grant writing professionals go to get legitimate grant sources.

www.fundsnetservices - Another great website to locate legitimate grant opportunities. Used a lot by professional grant writers.

              Business And Community Grants On This Site

To quickly find business and community grants on this site click this link.

Grants for Genealogical Organizations

If you represent an organization which serves the genealogical community at large - or if you serve a smaller community (perhaps you produce a family newsletter, host a website, organize reunions or some such thing) -- and find yourself shy of necessary funds, please consider checking out the following site below to apply for a small grant.

The owner will review all submissions and periodically select one for a donation. Her goal is one per month. Submissions will remain active candidates for six months from the date of receipt. Hint: She finds herself drawn to innovative ideas that can serve as a model to others! Why not give it a go at: http://honoringourancestors.com/grants.html

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