Thursday, March 28, 2024

Get The Inside Scoop For Minority Business Success In The $1 Trillion Dollar Federal Contracting Industry!

Discover the Gateway to
Federal Contracting Success!

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The Long Island African American Chamber Of Commerce (LIAACC), is proud to announce its sponsorship of Eyeris Industries’ upcoming series of virtual 3.5-day hands-on Federal Contracting Bootcamp for the month of April. This boot camp is specifically designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs quickly transition into the thriving federal government contracting sector.

By attending this boot camp, you will have access to an unparalleled opportunity to tap into the $1 trillion worth of federal contracts available to small businesses during the peak contracting season from April to September 2024.

Why should you leap into the Federal Contracting Bootcamp?

  • Fast-Track Entry: Leap directly into the lucrative federal contracting arena.
  • Expert-Designed Curriculum: Learn from industry mavens, using—our 3.5-day Federal Contracting Bootcamp. Aimed at swiftly transitioning materials crafted to meet the unique needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Master bidding and securing government contracts with actionable strategies.
  • NO Bonding Required: Navigate through with ease thanks to Tripartite Agreements.
  • No prior contractor knowledge or license needed.
  • Remote Work Opportunities: Collaborate with local contractors and earn as the crucial connector.
  • Exclusive Networking: Connect with a network of seasoned Government and Federal contractors, MWBE/DBE/SBE Contractors and Subcontractors, and support organizations.
  • Affordable and efficient: In just 3.5 days, you can unlock the secrets to Business Credit, Funding, and Federal Contract Funding programs.

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They are committed to making this pathway to success as accessible as possible. Their $2500 Fast Track Course is now offered at an incredible value of just $1198 with only $199 down. The deal gets even sweeter for College Students - with a value of just $999 and only $99 down. The only catch? Join our “Federal Contracting Boot Camp” Facebook page.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Get The Scoop On How Wade Institute Of Technology (WIT) Awards Black Students Free STEM Higher Education

WIT U Looks To
Provide Black Scholars With
Free Options For
Engineering Education!

We are losing Black talent in engineering, and last summer’s affirmative action ruling dealt a further blow to that already dwindling pipeline. A fast-moving dynamic profession needs equally agile educational preparation.

At The Wade Institute of Technology (WIT), we have a solution. Who are we? A new Palo Alto-based engineering college focused on mitigating the acute underrepresentation of African Americans and students of African descent in STEM professions through scholarships and unique educational programs.

We’re seeking applicants for our Master’s in Engineering Management, a 24-month, tuition-free program for Black students with undergraduate degrees in a STEM discipline OR in the liberal arts. This unique program provides background in core engineering areas as well as leadership principles for those who want broad-based management and leadership positions rather than technologist roles. Program and application details can be found here.

As an institution dedicated to providing an education that combines rigorous academic study with the excitement of experiential discovery, we are also proud to provide a small and close-knit community where Black students can be themselves, know they’re valued, and supported in learning from their mistakes and from each other.

I thank you in advance for helping us democratize and diversify higher education and professional opportunities by sharing this program information within your community.



Lorna Jones

Academic Director

Wade Institute of Technology

Wade Scholarship Program

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Learn How A Former Gang Member From LA Now Runs a Multi-Million Dollar Organization


In 2012, Yusef Wiley was released from a California Correctional facility after serving close to 22 years due to his past gang involvement in South Central LA. He hit the ground running being supported by family, friends, and the faith community located in the San Francisco Bay Area, he immediately began to make his passion for serving known by speaking at all types of venues.

Not long after that, requests began to pour in for Yusef to share his story at local government meetings, college campus events, and companies in Silicon Valley. After securing employment in the private school sector as an African-American Studies School Teacher.

In 2014, it was time to bring to life his dream and prayer to serve his community full-time as founder of the Timelist Group, Inc., which is now a successful multi-million dollar operation serving the very community he once helped to destroy as a gang member.

Checkout This Video On
One Of The Main Driving
Forces Of Yusef Wiley's Success