Saturday, November 18, 2023

Get The Scoop On The Innovative Wearable Health-Tech Fitness Fashions of Jeanette Ortegon And A'LuaR Wearable

Jeanette Ortegon Creates The Cutting Edge A'LuaR Wearable Fashion Line To
Empower Fuller Figured Women
With Health & Fitness Diagnostics

Jeanette Ortegon, is a persistent serial entrepreneur, but her current foray into business feels like a divinely inspired innovation.  Ortegon's emerging fitness and health monitoring undergarment company for full figured women A'luaR, is looking to center its products in the wellbeing of its customers.

A'luaR Wearable, looks to install small, discreet, but effectively smart health and fitness diagnostic monitors in women's bra undergarments.  Jeanette is looking to to accommodate the unique clothing and undergarment needs of full figured women while encouraging them to empower themselves towards greater awareness of their health and fitness stats in real time.

Jeanette Ortegon, is ahead of a trend in society to accept different body types in a healthy way.  However, it taps into the increasingly enduring concern for health and fitness.  I pursued the driven Founder and CEO to do an exclusive interview with me.

The insightful CEO with a military background shared some insight about what drives her visionary brand and inspires her fashion foray into wearable health and fitness technology.  You can see her provocative interview below...

Friday, November 17, 2023

Get The Scoop On How Visionary Artist Quinnell Williams Creates Clothing To Bring Black Men And Women Together In Unity

Can a Clothing Line Help
Unify Black Men and Women?

Visit The Politically Urban Website

By Kamau Austin with Quinnell Williams.

Some of the most ubiquitous and
 responded to posts and commentary on social media seem to be rifts and beefing between Black men and women online.  It is especially axiomatic across the legacy social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

It seems like even social media upstart TikTok, thrives on divisions between Black men and women.  However, professional 
graphic artist Quinnell Williams, sees it as his mission and worthy cause - to change this divisive dynamic.

Quinnell Williams, the Founder, and creative force behind his apparel company 
Politically Urban, feels his artwear designs with positive messages will make a difference in society.  I was able to catch and convince the visionary artist to share his future goals for his inspirational socially relevant clothing company.