Friday, June 24, 2022

Discover How The TGS Financial System's Mobile App Looks To Reboot The Road To Wealth

The Road To Wealth Reboots With The TGS Financial System's Mobile App

By Kamau Austin

Looking at wealth and income data in the United States illustrates obtaining prosperity in America isn't easy or for the faint of heart. To achieve financial independence and success takes careful planning for most Americans since the majority of us won't inherit wealth.

Less than 10% of Americans are millionaires. About 79% of millionaires claim they didn't obtain their wealth from an inheritance. According to the National Study Of Millionaires, the largest study of its type, only 21% of millionaires in the US received inheritances.

According to CNBC about 8.8% of all Americans are millionaires (or about 20.27 million Americans) . Since only 8.8% of Americans are millionaires this begs the question: how can the other 91.2% of Americans get on the path to wealth creation?

These certainly are sobering statistics to reflect on given the increasingly problematic nature of obtaining affluence in our country. However, entrepreneur Timothy Griggs, has developed an innovative and high-tech system to help most of us achieve financial viability and put us on the road to wealth creation in the United States.

Griggs has an extensive background of over 20 years in real estate investing and is also a mortgage broker. This positions him as an excellent resource since 90% of millionaires in the US invest their money in real estate.  Learn more in the video below...

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

LI African-American Chamber Launches Free Counseling To Help LI, NYC Companies Qualify For Funding

Long Island African-American Chamber Launches Free Counseling to Help LI, NYC Companies Qualify for Funding
LIAACC President Phil Andrews

Many small businesses owned by African-Americans and companies in general face difficulties getting  loans, despite strong sales. They may face paperwork problems, insufficient accounts, lack of data, liens, unpaid debts or have owners with credit trouble. As a result, a good company may do badly when it comes to getting financing even from a willing lender. Now there’s a new source of help in overcoming these obstacles for minority-owned and other businesses seeking funding.

The Long Island African-American Chamber of Commerce (LIAACC) has used a portion of a grant to help small business owners to hire TMI & Partners, led by Alvin Hartley, to provide free counseling and assistance to African-American owned and other businesses in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Brooklyn to obtain funding

The idea is to give them the help they need to resolve issues and bridge the funding gap that too often stands between small businesses and the funds they need to launch, survive and grow.

Monday, April 18, 2022


Cameka Smith, the award-winning entrepreneur and founder of The Boss Network, an online community of professional and entrepreneurial women, has announced the 35 awardees of the 2022 Sage Invest in Progress grants to support Black women entrepreneurs in their first five years of business. Each of them will receive $10K in funding and a year-long mentorship.

The Sage Invest in Progress grant is a three-year, $1.5 million commitment by Sage (via the Sage Foundation) to support the newly announced BOSS Impact Fund, which is focused on investing in Black women-led businesses and preparing entrepreneurs to build scalable, growth aggressive companies. The goal of the BOSS Impact Fund is to raise investment funding for 500+ black women entrepreneurs over the next three years.

Initially scoped to award 25 grants, the overwhelming response of more than 12,500 applicants nationwide encouraged Sage and The BOSS Network to expand the program with 10 additional grants in the Sage Invest in Progress program. These 35 awardees represent entrepreneurs from around the country and in various industries, including Beauty & Self-Care, Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Healthcare/Wellness, and Food and Beverage.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

1st Black Woman-Owned Self-Sustainable Container Home Manufacturing Facility


Tamika Shari Bond, is founder and CEO of Bond Containers, the first-ever Black woman-owned self-sustainable container home manufacturing facility. This is in a bid to provide clients with homes that are strong, affordable, and self-sustainable.

It is common knowledge that there is a high demand for homes that are both safe and affordable. With issues such as the pandemic alongside other circumstances, this has only been a dream for some people. Bond Containers is however set to make this dream come true.

The construction company is set to build homes that are strong, affordable, and stylish. With Bond Containers, clients will be getting homes that are not only affordable but also features an off-grid backup system in the event of a natural disaster. These affordable modular homes that can be built in as little as 3-4 weeks are part of Bond Containers' goal to join in the global modular construction market size that is expected to reach $175.2 billion by 2025.

Monday, February 7, 2022

$500K Scholarship For Black Women Entrepreneurs


The fastest-growing entrepreneurship accelerator program helps women-owned businesses get to the next level.

Award-winning entrepreneur Dr. Velma Trayham has launched a $500,000 scholarship fund to support Black women entrepreneurs across the country. The fund, which is a part of her upcoming Millionaire Mastermind Entrepreneur Accelerator Program this spring, is being offered by means of Dr. Trayham's Millionaire Mastermind Academy and her company, Thinkzilla Consulting Group.

The accelerator program provides extensive mentoring, business training, and access to funding growth opportunities for minority business owners and has helped more than 7,000 women nationwide gain the education they need to succeed in business. The accelerator program runs from March 8th through June 14th and is available online or in-person in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Scholarship and program applications are now being accepted here. The Millionaire Mastermind Academy has previously awarded $60,000 in scholarships and more than $30,000 in seed funding to help women entrepreneurs create successful sustainable business enterprises.

“We are thrilled to support even more women entrepreneurs in furthering their education to grow their businesses,” said Lexi Applequist, program coordinator for the Millionaire Mastermind Academy. “In our upcoming program, we look forward to bringing together minority women from across the country to take control of their financial futures and make a profound impact on their communities, families, and businesses.”

Monday, January 31, 2022

$10,000 Grants Available for Black Women Entrepreneurs From The BOSS Network's Capital Program With Sage

The BOSS Network Collaborates With Software Company Sage To Offer Capital And Expertise For 500 Black Women Business Owners Over the Next 3 Years

The Launch Kicks Off With The Boss Network Partnering With Sage For Its $1.5 Million

“Invest in Progress” Grant Program to Benefit Black Women Entrepreneurs

The deadline to apply is February 25th

The BOSS Network, an online community of professional and entrepreneurial women who support each other through digital content, programs, and event-based networking, announces its BOSS Impact Fund.

It has been reported that the single greatest barrier to success for new businesses and startups is access to capital—and minorities make up less than 1% of founders that receive that investment. The BOSS Impact Fund will focus on investing in Black women-led businesses and preparing these entrepreneurs to build scalable, growth aggressive companies. Its goal is to raise investment funding for 500+ Black women entrepreneurs, over the next three years.

As part of its efforts, The BOSS Network is partnering with Sage, the global market leader for technology that provides small and medium businesses with the visibility, flexibility, and efficiency to manage finances, operations, and people, for the launch of the Sage “Invest in Progress” Grant Program, a $1.5M commitment over three years. Sage and The BOSS Network are working together to remove the barriers that many entrepreneurs face by providing funding to support Black women entrepreneurs in the first five years of their business.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Learn How Innovative Mortgage Pro Timothy Griggs Looks To Boost Black Wealth With His Innovative Credit App

Mortgage Pro Timothy Griggs Is Banking On His Innovative App To Help Reverse The Foreboding Forecast Of Zero Wealth In the Black Community.

Black Median Wealth By 2053 Is predicted to be zero.  A Black Enterprise, article stated "You can have a glamorous six-figure salary, advanced degrees, and an executive title at a large corporation and still be impacted by the negative net worth virus that is prevalent in black communities. According to The Road to Zero Wealth report published by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies, the median wealth of black Americans will fall to zero by 2053 if current trends continue."

However, a sharp decline towards a median Black net worth of zero won't happen on mortgage pro and tech innovator Timothy Griggs' watch.  If Griggs has his way, despite gloom and doom predictions of disappearing Black wealth, his new technically advanced The Good Steward Financial System (TGS), app will help reverse the course of poverty in Black communities.

Timothy Griggs is a real estate mogul and the CEO and founder of The Good Steward Financial System - TGS App.  Griggs is nationally releasing the latest version of his app this week. He is also an experienced mortgage broker with Griggs Mutual Realty & Management a company in Eastvale, CA.

Due in large part to various forms of overwhelming debt, misunderstandings in credit management, and less opportunity in owning and capitalizing on real estate - white wealth is 10 times median Black wealth!    However, Timothy Griggs isn't focused only on credit problems.  He is instead developing a great solutions based online tool.

The Benefits of Timothy Griggs' The Good Steward Financial System