Thursday, February 28, 2019

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Be Informed On The Ford Inaugural HBCU Mobility Challenge For $25,000


Detroit, MI -- Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company, is offering an opportunity for college students, alumni, faculty and administrators at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to submit an innovative proposal that addresses a mobility need on campus or in their community.

The HBC-You Mobility Challenge is officially open and details regarding the program can be found at The last day to submit proposals is March 31, 2019 and winners will be announced in May 2019. The program launch is part of Ford Fund's Black History Month Ford Goes Further in OUR Community campaign.

"Innovative solutions to mobility challenges can not only enable people to get where they need to be but empower them to realize their dreams," said Pamela Alexander, director Ford Motor Company Fund Community Development. "We are proud to partner with the HBCU community on this new initiative."

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"Sometimes it's hard for startups to qualify for business loans without ... Generally, a personal loan is made to a person, not a business, but for ... is quicker," says Paola Garcia, vice president at Excelsior Growth Fund, ... a small business loan may offer much more leeway for funding larger-scale projects.

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Friday, February 22, 2019

"Living Paycheck To Paycheck" How Do We Survive?

The Catch 22 of Living Paycheck to Paycheck

By Venchele Saint Dic
Jim is an air traffic controller living in New York. He and his wife have four children. His wife is a stay at home mom raising their four children.  Jim earns $60,000 dollars annually. The extent of his education is a high school equivalency test. He has worked for his agency for 30 years. They own a home and depend on one income to pay the expenses incurred monthly for the household. 

Carla is a single mother of two children. She works as a contractor for a trucking company based in California. Due to the lack of support afforded to her, she rarely dedicates time for self-care because she is working two jobs to pay the mortgage and child care expenses. She has been working with her company for five years. Carla earns an annual salary of $50,000 dollars. 

The assumption here is that both cases rely on one income. Therefore, it is safe to say that without an income stream coming every month, it would be increasingly hard for Jim and Carla to maintain their respective lifestyles in the states they live in. At first glance, they are in two different tax brackets and salary ranges. They live in different states with their own unique topography, economic and social capital. As it is common knowledge, this is a very typical situation wherein the net income you earn determines whether you can afford the commodities and lifestyle in a particular state.

Monday, February 18, 2019

See Why Dr. Randal Pinkett Endorses Small Biz Plan Competition

Dr. Randal Pinkett has endorsed the Next Level Small Business Competition
New York, NY -- Gibson Consulting & Solutions, LLC continues to build momentum for the Next Level Small Business Competition. Today it announced the endorsement of Dr. Randal Pinkett. Dr. Pinkett, Chairman and CEO of the multi-million dollar management consulting and IT solutions firm, BCT Partners, and winner of the fourth season of NBC-TV's The Apprentice released this statement: "As an entrepreneur and investor, I look for people who believe that we can all win together. Because of its like-minded approach to working with people who are willing to invest in themselves, I am endorsing the 2019 Next Level Small Business Competition."

This nationwide competition is designed to economically empower small businesses that have been in operation for less than 5 years. Small business owners can compete for cash, prizes and year-long pro bono business development services valued at up to $25,000!

These services will be offered by the Next Level partners and sponsors who are successful entrepreneurs, community professionals, and investors. They will dedicate their time, energy and insight to provide real-time guidance, consulting, and service opportunities for ONE winning applicant. Hence the competition's tagline: It takes a village to grow a business.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Checkout How The Urban Progress Community Fund Is Looking To Funding Black-Owned Businesses


Nationwide -- Invest in an entrepreneur of color and the rest of the dominoes will fall. Charlotte's Urban Advisors, an impact investment consulting firm, recently announced the launch of a fund that replicates this idea.

The Urban Progress Community Fund backs minority-owned businesses that are "high-impact," which, by the fund's standards, means it creates jobs, hires a diverse workforce, and offers services or products beneficial for low to moderate-income people and communities.

The hope is a single investment -- in some way, shape or form -- can help boost the economy, bring about upward mobility and achieve social justice.