Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Should You Use a Personal Loan to Fund Your Business?
"Sometimes it's hard for startups to qualify for business loans without ... Generally, a personal loan is made to a person, not a business, but for ... is quicker," says Paola Garcia, vice president at Excelsior Growth Fund, ... a small business loan may offer much more leeway for funding larger-scale projects.

Win Big with a Small Business Loan
Eyeing to put up another branch of your existing and growing business? ... Whether you're in need of funding to start your business or to move an existing ... It allows you to get your hands on quick cash and at generally, reasonable ...

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Startup Money Made Easy
According to Aspan, "There's no one single reason (businesses fail), but ... If you're wondering where to find your funding and how to get started, ... One quick caveat, make sure you have your deck ready and honed before you ... start their business; 43 percent took out loans from banks, friends, or family;

A look at some financing options for small business owners
Bootstrapping essentially refers to financing a startup by self-funding. ... them easily convince investors of their commitment later on, while providing ... Startups and small businesses can also raise funds from venture capital firms. ... One obvious way by which money can be raised is through bank loans.
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