Friday, October 19, 2018

Discover Why Financial Expert Harrine Freeman Wants To Help You Protect Your Credit Card And Online Data

New Service To Help Consumers Fight Back Against Data Breaches

Washington, DC, October 17, 2018 – After extensive consumer research, H.E. Freeman Enterprises, a personal finance consulting and coaching company, has launched a new service that will change lives for consumers nationwide. Consumers that have been a victim of data breach or identity theft can now receive identity theft recovery services to help restore their identity. 

Data breaches include exposure of credit card or debit card, social security number, financial account, health information, department of motor vehicle records, and email, password and user names. The cost of lost data due to data breaches reached $17 billion in 2017. The most recent data breaches include Google+, Facebook, Department of Defense, Toyota, British Airways and T-Mobile.

“Many consumers don’t understand the impact of a data breach or an identity theft incident,” said Harrine Freeman, Founder of H.E. Freeman Enterprises. One incident can cost consumers up to $1,200 and 600 hours in recovery time. I’m very excited to offer this service to consumers.” Freeman stated.

Consumers know they need help but don’t know where to go to seek assistance. According to ID Theft 158 million social security numbers were exposed in 2017 due to data breaches.

Criminals are constantly looking for ways to access consumer data. Data breaches are scary because you can have your credit/debit card or social security card in your possession and still become a victim. Anyone can become a victim of a data breach no matter your salary, ethnic background or zip code. Stolen information is sold on the dark web or used by criminals to gain access to credit and cash.

Unlike other programs, The Data Breach Defender™ is focused on helping consumer’s quickly recover from identity theft to regain their normalcy and to ensure financial success. 

Most consumers lack experience in identity theft recovery efforts. The Data Breach Defender™ service will help consumers who have been a victim of identity theft in many ways, including:
  • Regain your identity 
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce risk of future incidents
“Our goal is to help consumers regain their identity”, Freeman stated. The Data Breach Defender™ service will serve consumers in a unique way – through combining industry tools and insider access. The Data Breach Defender™ service is available just in time for the holiday shopping season when many consumers become victims of identity theft.

We also asked Ms. Freeman her tips and insights for financing your business...

She responded "I never had to finance my business. I always earned enough money to cover all administrative and operational costs. 

I did the following to reduce expenses:
  • Used a shared office share
  • Hired a virtual administrative assistant
  • Used a virtual office
  • Hired interns
  • Implemented tools to automate administrative tasks so I could focus more on growing my business
  • Eliminated unnecessary tasks that were not generating revenue
  • Created a home office
  • Created online forms
  • Use cloud technology to share, upload and download forms
I recommend obtaining business financing from local banks, credit unions, and the SBA. Also, consider applying for business grants and business pitch competitions to generate awareness for your business and help you earn funds to grow your business."

About H.E. Freeman Enterprises
H.E. Freeman Enterprises creates, plans, manages and advises clients on various financial issues. Their single focus is on improving the financial lives of clients and delivering them peace of mind.

They do that through utilization of industry best practices, a disciplined understanding of their customer base and providing solutions to complex financial problems. For more information on her services, company, or to speak with her click here

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