Thursday, December 13, 2018

Checkout How The Only Black Woman-Owned Beef Jerky Manufacturer in the Country is a Supplier for the NFL, MLB and NASCAR


Jachin, AL -- Marjorie's Beef Jerky is currently shipping to Major League Baseball teams (including to Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Amir Garrett, who loves the products) and NASCAR. In addition, the Black woman-owned company also received a major order to supply products to NFL training camps. The brand, launched by African American entrepreneur Michelle Timberlake, has over 250 VIP celebrities as customers.

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Our Publisher Kamau Austin asked Marjorie how she developed, grew, and developed her business.  These are her answers to his interview below...

Kamau: When did you develop a passion for making specialty beef jerky? 

Marjorie: I founded this beef Jerky back in 1991 (27 years ago)

Kamau: What made you want to go into business selling your beef jerky products? 

Marjorie:  Everybody loved my beef jerky recipes including the American Indians Tribes of California would request my beef jerky in their stew for Marination to give be to all of the quest to eat.

Kamau:  How did you finance the development and expansion of your business? 

Marjorie:  I worked hard as a truck driver and Mechanic making $ $1500 to $3500 per week for 29 years and saved my money and then I asked 23 friends to invest into my company and that helped me to raise another $60,000 and then I had my own money saved up for a lot of years and we launched the Company 3 years ago promoting our products.

We do run into a bit of racism because we are told too take the black lady off of the bag but I refuse at which I can because I raised my own money to launch our business in order to bypass any peer pressure by maintaining full control of your company and what you want it to do for you

Kamau: What are best quick tips for developing a business? 


 A)  Always start with a pen and a writing tablet. Start drafting out your plan, what you will be needing and include the cost. 

B)  Make sure that you own 100% Shares in your company to avoid anyone setting you up to buy your company from out from under you. 

C) Only sell percentage of profit sharing ONLY where they can make a decent profit with a cap on it (meaning buy out).

D) TaKe the time to educate your self in how to run and maintain your own business. Always have a good Certified Public Account.

E)  I personally never ever live off of the money from my business I re-invest it as well as I use my personal income from my personal job to invest as well and am still able to pay my personal bills and for the promotions of our beef jerky until the entire nation knows that we exist then the beef jerky sales in the near future will start making  more than enough money where I can feel safe to leave my personal job and offer full time  Good paying employment with child child care on the premises to my future employees.

Our customers can make this happen!

We are also offering our bags of beef jerky at a promotion price for a limited time only at $5.50 per bag minimum order of 6 bags not to exceed 12 bags per order. Our regular price is $7.99 per bag saving everyone $2.49 per bag

About Marjorie's Beef Jerky, Inc.
Marjorie's Beef Jerky, Inc. was established in 1991 by Michelle Timberlake. Both Michelle and her Vice-President and close friend, Mr. James Martinez, named the company after her mother, Marjorie Leona Dawson, who was her #1 beef jerky fan, and who, before she passed away, convinced Michelle to put her beef jerky out on the market.

Marjorie's Beef Jerky, Inc. is the only Black woman-owned beef jerky company in the United States. For more information and/or to place an order, visit

Or follow them on Facebook and also Instagram and YouTube.

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