Friday, June 11, 2021

Black Non-Profit The 25 Dream Campaign Gives Grants to Kids


Megan Faux, The Teaching Goddess, Founder and Executive Director of The 25 Dream Campaign, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation has launched a new initiative - monthly grants for kids. It's called The 25 Dreams Source of Light Grant, specifically for youth ages 6-18 in underserved communities. This monthly grant, in the amount of $100, rewards students for being a source of light in their family, community, or in the world. To donate to the grant fund or to apply for the grant please, visit

"We are living in such a dark world right now. I just wanted to do something that would reward the youth for being a source of light in their family, community, or in the world. A source of light is someone who brings goodness to the world. When you are a source of light, you are changing the world around you," said Megan. "My hope is that by rewarding our youth for good deeds early in life, they will see the value in goodness and continue shining throughout their lives and change the world for the better, thereby creating a world filled with more light than darkness."

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Article & Video On The 25 Dream Campaign, Continues Below...

Grant Application
The grant application is short and simple. Students, with the help of their parents, simply tell us how they are being a source of light in the world. Applications will be accepted for the month that the application is submitted. Applicants can submit a video, which is optional. The winner will have to submit a picture if chosen. Help the 25 Dream Campaign expand the giving categories and offer business grants for youth, by making a donation. This helps to fund the grants, increase the amounts of grants, and provide new grants for additional subgroups. Apply or donate now at

Multiply in Minutes with Multiplication Nation program
The Teaching Goddess is also the creator of the Multiply in Minutes with Multiplication Nation program that gets scholars multiplying in minutes (less than an hour). You can find out more about this musically masterful program at This program was featured on the front page of the WAVE newspaper.

About The Teaching Goddess and the 25 Dream Campaign
The mission of The 25 Dream Campaign, a non-profit 501(c)3 was founded by Megan Faux, The Teaching Goddess, meant to inspire the youth to live their 25 dreams and to encourage them to be a source of light in their family, community and world. The Teaching Goddess — an educator, author, and speaker — believes in the value of education. She believes that education, in all its forms, is the key to living your 25 dreams. For more about The Teaching Goddess, visit

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