Monday, August 2, 2021

Discover How Grant Bae Is Helping Black Entrepreneurs Get Millions In Non-Traditional Funding

Shonna Williams helps her clients apply for and secure small business
funding opportunities ranging from $25K to $250K

Meet Shonna Williams, better known as the Grant Bae. For the past 8 years, she’s been serving small businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide who might not qualify for traditional funding.

Instead, Shonna has freed the slaves, parted the waters, and opened the floodgates to the non-traditional funding that many entrepreneurs seem to be unaware of. In fact, entrepreneurs are so unaware that they left $1.7 billion dollars in grant opportunities on the table last year.

Shonna's company has helped over 7,000 of her clients to earn over $40 million in non-government grants during the past 10 months and over $25 million in the past 90 days alone. She has been mastering this gift for the past 8 years and even offers a money-back guarantee for her services.

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Video & Article On Shonna Williams, The "Grant Bae," Continues Below..

She comments, "Think about all the ways and means you’ve tried to get to the money. You probably asked family and friends, went and asked at several banks, asked the credit card companies, and perhaps you even tried crowdfunding."

Shonna continues, "None of that worked well and you were left to scramble, to slave over life’s 'hot oven.' As an entrepreneur, you were left to sell your goods and/or to perform your services on your own. All you wanna do is pursue your passion, feed your family, and maybe even give back to the community that supported you."

With all of that being said, her company is the ultimate solution for this problem.

Learn about Shonna Williams and her company's services at or follow her on Instagram @TheGrantBae

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