Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Personal Finance Expert Rahkim Sabree Weighs In On How to Spend Stimulus Checks


New Britain, CT -- Author, Tedx speaker, Non-profit cofounder, and personal finance expert Rahkim Sabree has built a platform of advocacy for financial education especially in the black and brown communities. He declares in his TED talk that he grew up to the mantra "Each one teach one, each one reach one. If you know, teach. If you don't know, learn" and that's exactly what he's done creating and sharing content across the popular social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, writing a book on financial empowerment, co-founding a non profit rooted in ending homelessness through education, delivering a TED talk, and most recently contributing to publications like TheGrio on personal finance matters.

"I believe that the best financial investment is an investment in financial education," writes Rahkim Sabree. "Here are 5 ways to spend your stimulus check regardless of the amount."

Rahkim then lists 5 ways including:

  1. paying yourself first
  2. investing in your future
  3. paying your bill
  4. investing in education and
  5. investing through traditional mediums such as stocks and real estate." To read the full write up from TheGrio click HERE.

Rahkim is mission driven to inspire people who "look like him" to embrace financial education by "building a team," he explains. "This is a conversation that should be had at every dinner table, in every classroom, over the course of every holiday."

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About An Extended Hand, Inc.
An Extended Hand, Inc. was founded by Alfonso Holland and Rahkim Sabree in 2018 with a focus on addressing homelessness. Holland and Sabree realized that while most organizations who focus on homelessness focus on rapid housing, there are serious gaps in being able to prevent homelessness through education in the areas of personal finance, job preparedness and entrepreneurship, and health and wellness. They've built their organization around education in these specific fields while also hosting events like clothing and supply drives for the homeless. They can be reached at inquiries@aeh-ct.org and via social media at @anextendedhand.

About Rahkim Sabree
Rahkim Sabree grew up in Mount Vernon, NY. He largely attributes his success to his strong support system and belief in "the impossibility of impossibility". He is the author of Mentorship: The Playbook and Financially Irresponsible both available on Amazon. Rahkim describes himself as a "hybrid-entrepreneur" having a nearly 10 year tenure in the Banking and Financial Services world. For more information on Rahkim visit his website at RahkimSabree.com or follow his social media @RahkimSabree on Instagram and Twitter.

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