Wednesday, November 20, 2019

$6 Million to be Infused in Black Women-Owned Businesses


Nationwide --  BlackWoman.Biz is tackling the low sales revenues of Black women-owned businesses with an online community to learn, mentor, buy, and sell. The new program for Black women entrepreneurs will launch with 10,000 member businesses that make a commitment to give and get support. The goal this year is to create thousands of transactions and at least $6 million directly for Black women-owned businesses.

More than 2.4 million Black women-owned businesses make up 20% of all women-owned businesses. These numbers seem reason to celebrate, but the average sales revenue for a Black women business is the lowest at less than $25k per year according to American Express and the U.S. Census Bureau.

"With billions in buying power, Black women can help ourselves and change the game by buying from each other's businesses. It can be as simple as buying at least one item per month from a Black woman business," says Founder Natasha Taplin. BlackWoman.Biz members are encouraged to spend at least $50 per month at another member's business.

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The online community offers digital services to bring visibility, exposure, and sales to Black woman business members. Member services include online pop-up shops, a vendors marketplace, business directory, webinars, referrals, and member connection opportunities. The year-round services provide a way to build long-lasting business relationships along with the tools and activities to create sales transactions.

This is one of the first programs of its kind to take a well-known concept, but focus it in the digital space to attract like-minded business women. The program is readily available to early stage and growth Black women-owned businesses. It's just the beginning of a movement to get each Black women-owned business to six figures.

Available now, Black women business owners can go to www.BlackWoman.Biz to sign up for the free SupportHer membership plan. Starting June 14th, the program will expand to include optional paid memberships plans. The paid membership plans will be initially limited to 10,000 businesses, with preference to those businesses already signed up as a SupportHer member.

About BlackWoman.Biz
BlackWoman.Biz is the online community for Black women entrepreneurs to learn, mentor, buy, and sell. Founded in 2018, the company is aimed at making a social and economic impact by providing a digital forum for Black women business owners to support each other and increase their sales receipts. The business directory at is the largest online directory dedicated to Black woman businesses. Learn more at www.BlackWoman.Biz.

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