Friday, December 20, 2019

Checkout How This TEDx Speaker Went From Section 8 to Owning Multiple Homes And Authoring Financial Literacy Book


Nationwide -- On the heels of his new book entitled Financially Irresponsible, author Rahkim Sabree says that closing the financial literacy gap can be done with the establishment of a team.

"Each one, teach one," he says. "Each one, reach one. If you know, teach. If you don't know, learn." It's a mantra he mentioned he'd grown up with and declares he embodies today.

Having captured the TEDx Hartford audience's full attention, Rahkim Sabree, now 2x author, TEDx speaker, and non-profit co-founder is declaring that conversations around financial education should be had in every classroom, at every dinner table, and during every holiday.

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Video & Article On Financial Literacy Author Rahkim Sabree Continues Below...

The TEDx talk was the follow up to his recently released book Financially Irresponsible that places a focus not only on becoming financially literate, but also addresses financial empowerment spiritually and mentally as well.

Rahkim is a millennial African American man who has accomplished financial goals like attaining the coveted 800 FICO credit score, to purchasing his first home under 30. He mentions, "These were not things discussed growing up in Mount Vernon, NY."

His hope is to inspire others like him to not only become financially literate, but to share what they know with others.  Rahkim's book is packed full of advice, tips, guides, and powerful insights that many people are going to find useful and empowering.

For more information about the book, please visit here.

He can be reached on Instagram @UnlimitedInvestmentInquiries and is looking to connect with celebrities and influencers who share in his passion to spread Financial Literacy awareness.

For more information on the author and/or to see his TEDx talk when available, visit his official web site at

Checkout his other handles...

Twitter: finance_fridays
Linkedin: Rahkim Sabree
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